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  • Tapioca Pancake
    novembro 21, 2023

    Tapioca Pancake

    Ingredients500 Sweet Starch Yoki300ml cold water1 pinch salt DirectionsSlowly add the cold water to the sweet starch Yoki, mix using your fingers. Pass it through a strainer to make it into flour. Heat up a non stick fry pan. Cover the...

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  • Feijoada
    novembro 21, 2023


    Ingredients1 large onion3 cloves of garlic1 medium capsicum4 slices of bacon cut into pieces3 pork sausages 3 bay leaves1 vegetable stock cubeSalt & pepper to taste1 pack Brazilian Style Foods Black BeansYoki Farofa Pronta Seasoned Cassava Flour InstruçõesRefogue a cebola,...

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  • Pao De Queijo - Cheese Bread (Gluten Free)
    novembro 21, 2023

    Pao De Queijo - Cheese Bread (Gluten Free)

    Directions for Use1. Combine the contents of the packet with 100mL (1/2 cup) water & 2 eggs in a mixing bowl2. Knead the dough mixture for approximately 3min.3. Roll the dough into smooth ball shapes (you should get approx 30 balls per packet around...

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