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Brazilian Style Imports is an import, wholesale & distribution company specialising in leading brands of Brazilian style foods, beverages & equipment sourced directly from the manufacturers.

Brazilian Style Imports is the exclusive Australian importer for brands such as Yoki, Guarana Antarctica, Santuario & Famosinha Cachaca, Miolo Wines, Tapioca da Terrinha, Cafe Pilao, Predilecta, Cepera, Barao, MOR BBQ accessories. We proudly distribute an expanding range of Brazilian grocery & foodservice products across Australia & Pacific regions.

Our aim is to supply authentic traditional Brazilian foods through your local retailer with on-going marketing support & point of sale material. Our range also includes bulk lines for restaurants & food service customers looking to offer menu items with a difference. We feel the exotic tastes of our much loved products such as: guava paste, gluten free cheese bread mix, cassava flours, starches, peppers, sauces & best selling Brazilian coffees will be very much enjoyed by Australians as time goes on.


At Brazilian Style Imports, our mission is to bring the authentic taste and
richness of Brazilian culture to Australia and beyond. Through the careful
importation of high-quality Brazilian foods, we aim to create unique
gastronomic experiences, providing Australian consumers with a direct dive
into the vibrant flavours and culinary traditions of Brazil. We are committed to
being the bridge that connects the tropical delights of Brazil to the discerning
palates of global food enthusiasts. Our mission goes beyond merely importing
food; it is about spreading the joy and diversity of Brazilian culture, turning
every meal into a celebration. We eagerly anticipate expanding our mission
beyond Australian borders, taking Brazilian culture to various corners of the


Our vision is to be recognised as the foremost authority in importing Brazilian foods in Australia, contributing to the formation of a diverse gastronomic community that appreciates the cultural richness of Brazil. We aspire to be not just an importer but also a platform that promotes connections between people through food, creating moments of sharing and celebration. We look to the future with enthusiasm, envisioning the continuous expansion of our global presence and the active role we will play in spreading Brazilian culture worldwide. We are committed to extending the distribution of foods beyond Australian borders, becoming an ambassador for Brazilian cuisine in various countries.


1. Passion for Authenticity: Our commitment is to the authenticity of the products we import, ensuring that each item truly reflects the flavours and traditions of Brazil. Passion for authenticity drives every decision we make, as we expand our global presence.

2. Culture as a Bridge: We believe in the transformative power of culture. We use Brazilian foods as a bridge to connect people from different parts of the world, promoting understanding, respect, and mutual appreciation. We extend this bridge beyond Australian borders, sharing the cultural wealth of Brazil internationally.

3. Excellence in Quality: We pledge to provide the highest quality foods, carefully selecting each product to meet the demanding standards of both Brazil and Australia. Excellence in quality is the foundation of our reputation, now and in future expansions.

4. Enthusiasm for Diversity: We celebrate diversity, both in cuisine and community. Our enthusiasm for diversity propels our constant search for new products and experiences that enrich the Australian and global culinary landscape.

5. Commitment to the Community:** We are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities where we operate. In addition to offering exceptional products, we seek to play an active role in promoting social and environmental responsibility, not only in Australia but wherever our mission expands.

At Brazilian Style Imports, every action is guided by these values, shaping not only what we do but also the experience we provide to our customers and the global community. Join us on this exciting journey of flavours, discoveries, and connections around the world!

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