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Arizona Fold up BBQ with Enamelled Basin

SKU MO30026
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Preço Original $139.90
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MOR brand barbeques are the most famous type of fold-up Churrasqueira in Brazil. The barbeques come flat packed & conveniently fold up into a Brazilian barbeque (Churrasqueira).

The MOR Arizona model barbeque includes: Enameled tray, 1 chrome flat grill, 2 single-prong skewers & 1 double-prong skewer.

Overall Dimensions: 65 x 44 (cm), height 73 (cm).  Pan size: 60 x 44cm

Care Instructions:

- use aluminium foil inside the pan under charcoal to help protect the pan. Enameled pan lasts longer than non-enameled models.

- clean ashes from pan, remove foil & wipe out inside after each use

- apply light coating of spray kitchen oil on unit after cleaning

- some paint may come off after use over time which is normal


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