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Cheese Bread Mix BAGS (Mistura Para Pao de Queijo) - 250g

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Cheese Bread is part of the standard Brazilian diet with this product being offered throughout Brazil in restaurants, cafes, corner stores & of course at home. The Yoki brand of Cheese Bread or Pao de Queijo is the most authentic & widely used in Brazil because of the high quality & ease of preparation. The finished product is served as cheese bread balls which can vary in size with a smooth cheese flavour & soft centre. This is a must have, best enjoyed with beer, wine or coffee. Many people enjoy the flexibility of the Yoki pre-mix as it can be varied by adding other ingredients such as oregano, extra parmesan & even pieces of our own Predilecta guava paste can be enjoyed in the centre of the cheese bread balls. This product makes a perfect gluten free breakfast bun best enjoyed with our Brazilian coffees. It makes a delicious starter or entree with a difference, with the added bonus for some of being Gluten Free. You will enjoy this famous tasty product just as millions of Brazilians do.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Riley
Mmm, yummy

Lived in S.P Brasil for several years, fantastic foods. One of my favourite, which was served as a free appetiser was Pao de Queijo. I was overjoyed when I found that I could buy Yoki mix.I add a little parmesan to the mix for more cheese flavour.
Also, these will freeze well, uncooked.
I have purchased several items from Brazilian Style, all delivered with in 2/3 days .
I highly recommend the above product and Brazilian Style.

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