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SKALA Nutritious Capillary Mayonnaise (Mascara Capilar Skala Maionese) - 1kg

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Its formula is free from sulfate, paraben, petrolatum and mineral oil. Free! Co-wash!
The Potão Nutritious Capillary Mayonnaise has been formulated especially for you who seek for ally to keep the threads healthy! It is the perfect combination of 3 elements that help
give hydration, strength and untangling of the hair. And the best is yet to come. It can be used either as a hair treatment conditioning or a leave-in conditioner. Just use and let it rest all day long.
Cane Molasses + Carrot Oil: prevents the aging damaged yarns helping with the healthy hair growth.
Amaranth extract: amino acids restorage, making combing a lot easier.
Castor oil: it prevents hair from loss by making it stronger.
For all type of hair.

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